SOS Box - life saving mobile app

The server that calls elevator rescue service when you have no mobile signal

Elevator Rescue, With No Mobile Signal

SOS Box server will inform your family, friends and local emergency services if you haven't got out of an elevator within 2 minutes and don't have mobile phone signal to make the calls yourself.

In many elevators there is no cell phone reception. This means that if you get stuck at night, and nobody hears you ringing the alarm, or if the alarm doesn't work - you're destined to wait for hours until someone finds you and calls the emergency services.

With SOS Box this is not a problem - you hit the big round button when you're about to enter the elevator (and still have mobile signal), your location is registered on the server, along with other notes you may add, and information you've provided earlier such as emergency contacts.

You choose how many minutes you want SOS Box to wait, then when the time specified passes and you haven't notified SOS Box that you're ok, safe and out of the box, we will send an SMS message with your location to your contacts, and contact your local emergency services to follow up on your quick rescue.

Works 100% Of The Time

SOS Box solution works 100% of the times. People might now hear the alarm, your cell phone may not work inside the elevator, you might even faint - and SOS Box will still work and call help!


SOS Box is so simple because it focuses on one specific purpose, unlike other apps that try to cater for too many different needs. SOS Box is only about making sure you get out of that elevator!

Free Accounts

With a free account you'll be able to notify a friend that you're in trouble, and where you are, via an automatic SMS message sent from SOS Box server immediately when the defined time passes (2 minutes by default). The free account comes with 5 emergency activation credits (this is when the time runs out and you didn't press the "I'm OK!" button, or pressed the red "HELP!" button). Each month you'll get 1 additional emergency activation credit, so that you can test the system and be assured it's working right.

Premium Subscriptions ($5/Mo) get to add 10 emergency contacts and get 1 emergency activation credit every week.

Gold Subscriptions ($10/Mo) get a 24/7 human operated emergency center, where we contact your local emergency services and follow through the emergency event until you're OK, safe and out of the danger.